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Learn about The Surveyor and what it can do to save you time, hassle, and money.We also provide web questionnaire hosting. The details are here.
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Getting your survey up on the web is quick and easy with our hosting services


No Hassles From Technology

Publshing your survey on the web gains you access to respondent populations that are not available any other way, particularlly if you have a geographically dispersed sample set. You need your survey accurately rendered on the web and in good time. Videlicet has the experience and expertise to help in all these areas. Using our own tool, The Surveyor, we can usually translate survey instruments of about seven to ten pages to the web in less than 48 hours. The resultant web pages are compatible with all major web browsers: Internet Explorer 4.x and up, Netscape 4.x and up, Opera 5.x and up, and Safari 1.x and up. These browsers have been tested on both Macintosh and Windows systems to ensure that the maximum possible audience is available to your survey. We can also make your look like your main web site, usually for no extra fee. Videlicet saves you the technology headaches, the time, and the money. It’s that easy. No fuss.

All surveys Videlicet hosts can accept an unlimited number of responses. You do not pay us a per-respondent fee, just for converting your questions to the web and for the hosting service itself, so there are no unknown, hidden costs.

Your DNS administrator sets up your survey home page DNS pointer/subdomain (e.g.: to the required IP number of our server (approximately five minutes work). All you have to do is put a link to your survey on your web site (only a few minutes work).

We can also provide other consultation and training at our usual rate. If you host five or more surveys on our site, we include a single-user licence for The Surveyor (for unlimited creation of surveys).

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